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I was born and raised in Milwaukee WI. I studied sociology and Criminal justice at the University of WI Parkside. I grew up a devout Christian. I co founded a christian campus organization called "IMPACT" and helped bring many people to christ. As I begin to expand mentally, I begin to ask questions. Many of these questions I was either told to not ask or to not question God. I begin to feel alone and sunk into a deep depression. Although I was apart of a church, I felt alone. 


In 2014 I was awaken by a dream. In the dream there was a african woman with beautiful long gray hair, I was in a sea of water drowning and she spoke to me and said " You need to get out or you will die". I knew what the dream meant "spiritual death". I had been struggling with leaving the church I was apart of during that time, but didn't feel I had away out. This dream shook me WOKE! With a better understanding I now come to realize that woman I saw in my dream was in fact, Yoruba Orisha "Yemaya". Within that moment I decided to detach from the church that I was apart of for 8 years as well as my marriage of 6 yrs. 


I went through a path of personal healing and growth. I'm now on a path to help others expand, heal and grow after spiritually awakening. I want to use my business to share my gifts of intuitive guidance, dream interpretation, tarot, healing, and manifestation. As I'm shedding old layers, healing my pain, transforming my soul, I want to help others do the same. By standing in my purpose, I help others find their purpose within THE SPIRITUAL NOOK .


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It can help with

Spiritual Clarity
Judgement free zone 
Tools for manifestation
Tools for gaining a stronger Intuitive voice
Guidance for transitioning from religious practices to spirituality
One on one sessions 


My Spiritual Nook reading was accurate and on point... Very nice service and I really appreciated getting it done. Schedule your reading with The Spiritual Nook. You won't be disapointed.

— Tenyoi Hansen



 Any information on spirituality and services available on my website is intended for general guidance. It must never be considered a substitute for advice from a medical professional. Any services you accept from my website is at your own risk.

No refunds under any circumstances will be issued. Once you book any service the payment is final.

no refunds under any circumstance will be issued. Once you book any service, payment is final.no refunds under any circumstance will be issued. Once you book any service, payment is final.no refunds under any circumstance will be issued. Once you book any service, payment is final.

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