The Spiritual Nook

helping you to awaken to your soul's purpose

Meet Alesha

Intuitive Oracle Reader ~ Dream Interpreter
Manifestor ~ Spiritual Coach

Peace and blessings to you! Welcome to The Spiritual Nook. I’m Alesha, and I’m here to help you elevate to a higher level and bring guidance to your situation. I use my spiritual gifts of intuitive guidance, healing, dream interpretation and manifestation to help you on your journey. My spiritual journey began 7 yrs ago when I went through my own spiritual awakening. With the help of my Ancestors, I’ve shed old layers, healed through my own pain and transformed. By standing in my purpose, I’m helping others do the same through The Spiritual Nook!


Why Call Us?

It can help with

Spiritual Clarity
Judgement free zone 
Tools for manifestation
Tools for gaining a stronger Intuitive voice
Guidance for transitioning from religious practices to spirituality
One on one sessions 


My Spiritual Nook reading was accurate and on point... Very nice service and I really appreciated getting it done. Schedule your reading with The Spiritual Nook. You won't be disapointed.

— Tenyoi Hansen

Spiritual Work Services


Each service comes with a free consultation. I ask that you be completely honest, so that I can do the best work for you. I also ask that you allow up to at least 2 weeks to accomplish the task at hand. This is spiritual work so please understand it can’t be rushed. I will let you know when the spell has been done and send video or pictures of work. No videos or pictures can be shared without permission from The Spiritual Nook.